Bequia is the second-biggest island in the Grenadines at 7 square miles (18 km2). It is important for the nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is roughly 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) from the country’s capital, Kingstown, on the principle island, Saint Vincent. Bequia signifies “island of the mists” in the antiquated Arawak. The island’s name was additionally ‘Becouya’ as a component of the Grenadines.

Bequia has a past filled with whaling which may have gotten by the Yankee whalers in the only remaining century.Its individuals are just permitted to get up to speed to four humpback whales for every year utilizing customary chasing techniques, anyway these strategies are routinely manhandled utilizing spear firearms and speedboats to encompass the whales. The breaking point is seldom met, with no catch a few years.


Best Time to visit Bequia

High season is from December through to April. This is the point at which it is warm and predominantly dry (however remember that Bequia has a heat and humidity so it can rain whenever). It is busiest during these months with numerous guests from Europe and North America. It is additionally voyage season. While the harbor in Bequia isn’t sufficiently large to oblige immense boats, numerous 200 to 300-traveler vessels do stop here. At the point when a boat is in port, the little sea shores are regularly packed – not ideal in the event that you have gone to the island looking for harmony and calm.

It’s ideal to visit Bequia in May and June or November. During these ‘shoulder’ months, the climate is still acceptable and lodgings drop their rates to draw in explorers.

Vacation spot In Bequia

Bequia is well known among cruising yachts, expats and travelers. Probably the busiest season is the yearly Easter Regatta and Music Fest.

Two scuba diving stores run jump excursions to 28 distinguished plunge destinations around Bequia. There are a few wrecks and shallow caverns open to cutting edge jumpers. It isn’t unordinary to see Hawksbill turtles, lobsters, moray eels and numerous sorts of fish when plunging around Bequia.

Watch Port Elizabeth

The pretty little town of Port Elizabeth is the main business settlement on Bequia and goes about as the island’s capital. It’s ideal to base yourself here, or only outside, as it is the main spot with a general store and banking offices. There are a lot of other little touristy shops, as well, just as a plenty of alluring bars and eateries.


The island’s principle sea shores are inside strolling separation of the town, along the as of late expanded Belmont Walkway. This appealing wooden way shows right to the water’s edge from the business place to Princess Margaret Beach and on to Lower Bay. It takes around an hour to stroll from one side of the straight to the next. There are a lot of watering openings en route on the off chance that you need a breather. In the event that you are not up to the stroll (there are many strides to get you up starting with one sea shore and down then onto the next), at that point you can get an open-byway taxi from the town place. Then again, a water-taxi will whisk you between the opulent yachts moored in the inlet and drop you off legitimately on your preferred sea shore.

Belmont Beach

The principal sea shore you come to on the off chance that you leave Port Elizabeth on the Belmont Walkway is, obviously, Belmont Beach. It is a little piece of sand before a lodging, yet the water here is warm and shallow so it’s useful for little youngsters. It’s not the most loosening up place as there’s a steady stream of walkers passing by throughout the day on their approach to or from different sea shores.

Princess Margaret Beach

On the off chance that you pass Belmont, the following sea shore you’ll come to subsequent to arranging a lofty incline and various advances is Princess Margaret Beach, named on the grounds that the UK’s Princess Margaret swam here in 1958. It is a dazzling strip of brilliant sand with a bar at one or the flip side and slows down at spans selling beverages and tidbits. It’s a charming enough spot to put in a couple of hours – besides on a voyage transport day! On such days, the travelers are moved from their boat to this sea shore, changing it into something taking after a jam-packed Mediterranean sea shore with no space to move.

Lower Bay

Lower Bay is along from Princess Margaret Beach and is our #1 sea shore on Bequia. It is the biggest stretch of sand and is likely the most famous in light of the fact that it is effectively available by street or ocean from Port Elizabeth. There are plans to stretch out the Belmont Walkway to Lower Bay however for the time being, in case you’re strolling, you need to scramble up a precarious track and not far off the opposite side.

There are various awesome, and sensibly evaluated (for Bequia!), bars and eateries along Lower Bay, making it a most loved scene both during the day and at night. It is the area of Keegan’s Restaurant – see beneath for additional subtleties.

The swimming conditions in Lower Bay are protected. You may require sea shore shoes to enter the water, however, as there is a coral reef near shore which gets slippy.

Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, Bequia

Based close to Park Beach in the rough, far off north-eastern piece of Bequia, the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary doesn’t get that numerous guests. It merits an excursion, however. The asylum has been attempting to secure the imperiled hawksbill turtle since 1995. Orton G King is the resigned proficient jumper who set up the task. He actually gives travelers exuberant and engaging visits today.

Go to a Festival

Islanders love a celebration! Bequia Carnival is a brilliant gathering which happens in the seven day stretch of loaned every year. In case you’re in Bequia at Easter, you’ll appreciate the scene of the Easter Regatta when in excess of 300 boats slip on Port Elizabeth for a long few days of cruising and rivalry. In the mid year, Bequia Music Fest draws in entertainers and music fans from everywhere the Caribbean and past. The year in Bequia consistently finishes with a dynamite New Years’ Eve firecrackers show.

Spots to Dine in Bequia

Eating out is about the area as much as the food. Jack’s Beach Bar on Princess Margaret Beach, which has caverns toward one side and a breakwater to bounce on at the other. It’s a well known joint with boaters, and its liberal fruit juices and burgers are the best.

No place beats Fernando’s Hideaway for fine home cooking. Which angler culinary specialist Fernando stirs up on his minuscule receiving area porch in the slopes of Lower Bay. Different top choices are the café at Sugar Reef. A boutique lodging set on a 65-section of land coconut estate at Crescent Beach, and the Old Fort. The last is a previous eighteenth century manor situated at Mount Pleasant, the island’s most noteworthy point;



Raised in 1992, the James F. Mitchell International Airport for little planes is situated close to Paget Farm. With a runway length of 3,609 feet (1,100 meters), Bequia can be reached via plane with day by day associations from Kingstown, Bridgetown and encompassing islands.


Consistently planned ships run from the primary island of Saint Vincent. Three ships work between the capital, Kingstown, and the nearby port of Port Elizabeth. Different islands in the Grenadines can be reached by the last operational yacht in the Caribbean. The antique unique Bequia-constructed SS Friendship Rose ; just as other contract/visit boats that are generally accessible and situated in Port Elizabeth, islands for matches. The ship offers daytime just as overnight contracts, and installed picnics are locally famous. This has brought about huge expansions in generally homegrown the travel industry.

The ship wharf is found 45 minutes’ drive from Argyle International Airport and is served by two organizations ; Bequia Express and Admiralty Transport. Bequia Express uses a family-claimed ship that is 148 feet (45 m) long ; with a load space estimating 4,440 square feet (412 m2) of which 3,000 square feet (280 m2) ; is shielded with a 14-foot (4.3 m) roof. The inexact limit of the boat is 28 vehicles or 10 to 20 compartments and is authorized for 400 travelers. The Admiral II is a correspondingly estimated vessel with a limit with regards to 250 travelers. Explorers on the Admiral II have a decision between cooled indoor seating or covered open air seating. The entry among Kingstown and Port Elizabeth is a 9-mile (14 km) trip taking roughly 60 minutes.

Walkers, for example, drifters and hikers have the alternative of the Grenadines mail boat which goes to Port Elizabeth at sporadic stretches. The mail boat calls at Canouan, Mayreau and Union islands in spite of the fact that loading up at Mayreau can be troublesome, as the vessel stays in more profound waters, with travelers being needed to set out and leave using more modest specialty, which land on the close by sea shore.