Sumbawa is an Indonesian island, situated in the Lesser Sunda Islands chain, with Lombok toward the west . Flores toward the east, and Sumba further toward the southeast. Alongside Lombok, it is important for the area of West Nusa Tenggara. However there has been discussion by the Indonesian legislature of transforming the island into a different province.

Traditionally, the island is known as the wellspring of sappanwood, just as nectar and sandalwood. Its savanna-like atmosphere and huge meadows are utilized to raise ponies and steers, just as to chase deer.

Sumbawa has a region (counting minor seaward islands) of 15,448 square kilometers or 5,965 square miles (multiple times the size of Lombok) ; with an expected populace (January 2014) of 1.39 million. It denotes the limit between the islands toward the west . Which were impacted by religion and culture spreading from India, and the locale toward the east that was less affected. Specifically this applies to both Hinduism and Islam.


Harbor of Poto Tano

There is a street network in Sumbawa, yet it is ineffectively kept up and has long bits of harsh rock. Continuous ship administration to Sumbawa (Poto Tano) from Lombok (Labuhan Lombok) exists. Anyway ship administration to Flores from Sape is rare. Bima is the biggest city on Sumbawa and has ship and transport administration straightforwardly to Java and Bali. However administration breakdowns are normal.

The most advantageous approach to arrive at Sumbawa is through air. There are business flight administration associated island’s principle air terminal, the Bima air terminal, to Denpasar and Makassar.

Ways to reach

Sumbawa is considered to some degree far off even by Indonesian guidelines, and an overland-and-ocean venture from Bali takes 15 hours starting in Singaraja, Bali, and winding up in Poto Tano, the port on the western side of Sumbawa.

Via plane

Just the urban communities of Sumbawa Besar (SWQ IATA) on the western side of the island and Bima (BMU IATA) on the eastern side of the island have ordinary air administration. Transnusa flies to the two urban areas from Denpasar (Bali) and Lombok around four times each week. Sekongkan additionally has an air terminal, yet flights have been halted for an uncertain period after a little aircraft called Tropical Air stopped working.

By ship

To get to Sumbawa from Bali a great many people take the ship from Bali to Lombok, make a trip overland toward the eastern seaport in Lombok (Labuhan Lombok) and afterward take another ship to Sumbawa, winding up in Poto Tano.

In different ways, ships from Labuanbajo, Flores travel to Sape. These don’t leave each day and you may confront a multi day sit tight for the following one.

By Bus

Leader class transports to Sumbawa (and Bima) are accessible from Jakarta.

Best places to visit in Sumbawa:

Poto Tano Port, Sumbawa

Poto Tano is one of the principle traveler regions in Sumbawa in spite of the fact that that actually doesn’t imply that it is occupied.

It is additionally the doorway to Sumbawa as you can take a ship opposite Lombok which will take you to Poto Tano.


In spite of the fact that it’s a port town Poto Tano is one of the prettiest of its sort in Indonesia and you will discover the town encompassed by jade green slopes and emerald waters which implies that it is a hit with any picture takers hoping to get some keepsake snaps.

In the middle of the sandy sea shores here you will likewise discover meandering aimlessly territories of virgin rainforest and on a sunny morning you can see across to might Mount Rinjani on Lombok.

Kenawa Island

Kenawa Island in Sumbawa isn’t to be mistaken for Kenawa Island in Flores.

Whatever its name anyway it is one of the most delightful places in Sumbawa and you will discover sections of land of feathery sand and rich prairies.

The island is uninhabited and extends for around 15 hectares, yet you can come here on a roadtrip and appreciate the swimming seaward with a high possibility of seeing starfish, ocean ponies, crabs, and an abundance of other vivid sea-going life.

On the off chance that you need to remain a little more on Kenawa Island, at that point you can camp here for the time being as a feature of a coordinated visit which is the feature of an outing to Sumbawa for some guests.

Lakey, Sumbawa

Lakey is one of the top surf spots in Sumbawa and up and down the coastline here you will discover a scope of good surf breaks which are well known with exile surfers and those up to date.

One of the different in addition to purposes of Lakey is that, since it sees a scope of explorers, it is more produced for guests and you can locate some strong eating choices here and you will even locate a couple of sea shore bars.

Accordingly, if it’s your first an ideal opportunity to Sumbawa and you need to ease in tenderly, this is probably the best spot to pick.

Moyo Island

Around two kilometers toward the north of the fundamental island of Sumbawa is Moyo Island.

The island is the home of the Moyo Island National Park which reveals to you all you require to think about the acclaimed common magnificence of the locale.


The coral reefs specifically are awesome here so in the event that you like jumping you are in for a treat.

Back ashore, you can travel across the recreation center and there is a decent possibility of seeing wild pigs and reptiles.

Moyo Island is additionally acclaimed for having more than 20 various types of bats, so nature sweethearts should try to swing by here on a visit to Sumbawa.

Jereweh Waterfall

Sumbawa is an island canvassed in cascades and one of the most staggering of all is Jereweh Waterfall.

Or maybe confusingly, the cascade is some of the time alluded to as Ai Koa Waterfall or Janup Waterfall and it is one of the most fascinating waterfalls with regards to Indonesia as the falls are set in a flight of stairs development which implies that the water here sprays down the mountainside in spiked blasts.

Jereweh Waterfall is situated outside of Taliwang which turns out to be the capital of West Sumbawa and is an absolute necessity visit fascination in the event that you are in the region.

Make a point to look at the transcending trees here with their thick roots that fold over the encompassing rocks.

Artificial intelligence Manis Beach

Artificial intelligence Manis Beach is a top pick for voyagers to Sumbawa and is situated on more extensive Moyo Island.

One of the primary motivations to come here is to appreciate the submerged event that Ai Manis Beach gives and you will discover bright coral reefs and an assortment of adorable submerged critters.

The sea shore is additionally encircled by timberlands which are home to wild pigs and deer, so in the event that you choose to remain ashore you will in any case discover bounty to see here.

Dalam Loka Palace

Situated on the second biggest island in Sumbawa which is Sumbawa Besar, the castle of the previous king of Sumbawa is an incredible pick in the event that you need to gain proficiency with somewhat more about the historical backdrop of this region.

The castle dates from 1885 and would have been implicit the hour of Muhammad Jalaluddin Shah III who was the sixteenth ruler of the Dewa Dalam Bawa Dynasty.

The royal residence is as yet a fairly noteworthy undertaking and is made of wood and is one of the most famous sights in Sumbawa.

It is guaranteed that the royal residence is a stunning accomplishment of designing as it was made without utilizing nails, and stands rather because of a cunning arrangement of wooden opening joints.

Benete, Sumbawa

Situated in West Sumbawa, Benete Beach is one of the most mainstream in the territory and a major portion of this is down to the feasting alternatives here.

The sea shore is near the Batu Hijau Mine district, and it is here that you will discover probably the most flavorful fish in all of Sumbawa.

The sea shore is somewhat unique in relation to numerous others in the zone as it is canvassed in a sort of dark sand which is an aftereffect of volcanic mineral stores.

The most ideal approach to appreciate it is to search out a little neighborhood diner, request up a plate of essentially flame broiled fish and take care of while getting a charge out of the perspectives over the water.

Maluk Beach

Maluk has a pretty sea shore which is likewise made considerably additionally fascinating by the way that it backs on oceans that are honored with a beating surf.

Many surf enthusiasts who have found out about the scene in Sumbawa group here, however you should carry your board with you as it tends to be difficult to lease anything on the sea shore.

The waves get up to a stature of around 2 meters and the town of Maluk where the sea shore is found is likewise a decent spot to visit in its own privilege as it is loaded up with neighborhood warungs and verdant view.

Mata Jitu Waterfall

Inside the Moyo Island Forest is the Mata Jitu Waterfall which you will hear well before you see it.

To arrive you should travel across the backwoods and the cascades are said to have framed large number of years prior some time before the zone was even possessed.

The cascade is lurched more than four areas and there are seven pools here that you can swim in and come as a welcome help after the hot journey to get out to the area.

Tropica Beach Sumbawa

Tropica Beach is likewise at times alluded to as Tropicals, albeit whatever it is called it is unquestionably the quintessential tropical heaven.

You will locate this astounding sea shore outside the town of Sekongkang Bawah in more extensive Sekongkang and it is perhaps the prettiest stretch of sand in the region.

There is some surfing to be had here albeit not at all like a portion of different sea shores in the region which are just truly worth visiting on the off chance that you are a no-nonsense surfer, Tropica Beach is likewise useful for swimmers or the individuals who simply need to kick back and lay on the sand.

Liang Petang

Liang Petang isn’t suggested for any individual who experiences claustrophobia or who fears the dull.

The Liang interprets as collapse Indonesian and Petang implies dim, and this is basically what you will arrive – a dim cavern.

In the event that you carry a spotlight with you anyway the cavern will wake up with exquisite tapered rocks and stalagmites that decorate the internal chamber.

You will discover a few peculiarities inside including rock arrangements that seem as though burial chamber stones, so on the off chance that you like archaic exploration this is another spot not to miss in Sumbawa.

Gunung Tambora Sumbawa

Gunung Tambora is the most noteworthy top on Sumbawa and stands at very nearly 3,000 meters tall.

The mountain is additionally a functioning spring of gushing lava, however that doesn’t imply that you can’